Oracle Free Decentralized Perpetual Trading

Get leveraged exposure to any token. Earn more as an LP and reduce your Impermanent Loss risk.


Liquidity Provisioning

Earn a higher yield by providing liquidity through GammaSwap. Think of our wrapped pools like wrapped tokens. We will directly deposit your liquidity into the underlying AMM and provide an LP token representing your position.

Perpetual Options

Get perpetual option like exposure to any token in the form of a call, put or straddle. Unlike perpetual futures, you will not get liquidated if the price moves against you. Volatility collateralizes your position. You are just responsible for paying a funding rate.


GammaSwap will offer vaults to hedge Impermanent Loss (IL) in various AMMs and LP pools. The vaults can also be used to build novel structured products and other types of automed strategies.

Supported AMMs

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